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In full compliance with state laws.
  • Over 25 Years of Service

    Laser Legal Service and it's staff has always proved to be reliable, efficient, and quick to serve our service of process and/or filing needs. All forms have always been completed, signed, witnessed & notarized to meet all court rules.

    Paskel,Tashman & Walker P.C.
  • Worked With Our Firm Since 1998

    I have personally known Rick Ramirez for many years. Rick and his company Laser Legal Service has worked with us since 1998. I have found Rick to be a dedicated and earnest individual whose experience and persistence in the service of process has assisted us over the years in the success of our office.

    Stillman Law Office
  • Business Relationship Since 1993

    We started a business relationship with Laser Legal Service in 1993. One of our vendors went out of business. They left a US Postal bin of our process work outside the office door. Mr. Ramirez and his company aided us in effecting service or providing affidavits to save the Summons from expiring. Laser Legal Service provides us with quality service.

    Ronda M - Shermeta, Chimko & Adams
  • Excellent Service

    Laser Legal Service provided excellent service. Most importantly, he meets with our States compliance requirements.

    Cohen Law
    New Jersey
  • Since 1991

    As a solo practitioner, in the metro Detroit area, with an extensive collection and insurance subrogation practice, I require competent support services for my law practice. Taking into account the fact we have had a relationship since 1991 speaks for itself as to Laser Legal Service and Rick Ramirez.

    Ronald M. Anstandig
  • Since 2000

    I have a medium sized collection practice with a lot of Summons and Complaints and Garnishments which the Michigan Court Rules require personal service. My office has been using Laser Legal Service since 2000. Every legal document is personally served.

    Dean F. Eldon